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Editor's Note Winter 2021

Editor's Note | Winter 2021

Editor's Notes

While the importance of the region certainly is going to increase in the following years as more regional and global actors will be included in the...

Russia s Gas Price Discount for Bulgaria The Problem of

Russia’s Gas Price Discount for Bulgaria: The Problem of Imperial Economic Projects


For a long time Moscow regarded gas line as the source of increasing revenue and the way to project its global influence. Moscow also believed that...

Clashing Interests in the Eastern Mediterranean What About Turkey

Clashing Interests in the Eastern Mediterranean: What About Turkey?


The Eastern Mediterranean region has recently emerged as one of the pivotal foci of international affairs due to its considerable natural gas...

The Fracking Debate The Risks Benefits and Uncertainties of the

The Fracking Debate: The Risks, Benefits and Uncertainties of the Shale Revolution

Book Reviews

For decades, energy, especially oil, has been the weak spot of the United States. This indispensable economic resource has directly guided the...

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