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Islam Beyond Borders The Umma in World Politics

Islam Beyond Borders: The Umma in World Politics

Book Reviews

With different meanings attached and without an overarching formal institution, the umma has nevertheless maintained strong symbolic, normative and...

Terrorism in Africa The Rise of Islamist Extremism and Jihadism

Terrorism in Africa: The Rise of Islamist Extremism and Jihadism


Africa is the springboard for al-Qaeda’s global terrorism in modern history. The U.S. Embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi,...

The Work of Peace History Imperialism and Peacekeeping

The Work of Peace: History, Imperialism, and Peacekeeping


The size and complexity of recent peacebuilding mandates have led scholars to liken these efforts to imperialism, but most are quick to dismiss any...

Russia in Africa A Search for Continuity in a Post-Cold

Russia in Africa: A Search for Continuity in a Post-Cold War Era


This commentary proposes to connect Russia’s present activities in Africa to the history of Soviet involvement on the continent during the Cold...

China Oil and Africa A New Perspective

China, Oil, and Africa: A New Perspective


This commentary provides insights into the evolving trajectories of China-Africa relations by drawing on a case study of the place of a strategic...

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