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Iran s Military Capability The Structure and Strength of Forces

Iran’s Military Capability: The Structure and Strength of Forces

Early View

Economic upheaval in the post-revolutionary period, its ideological concerns, the lessons of the war with Iraq and the drive to assert regional...

No Questions Asked Development and the Paradox of China s

No Questions Asked? Development and the Paradox of China’s Africa Policy


This paper argues that China’s strategy of engaging African countries through its stated “no questions asked” foreign policy could ultimately be...

Guest Editor's Note Winter 2019

Guest Editor's Note | Winter 2019

Editor's Notes

Africa has often been the focus of contradictory attention that has oscillated between the labels of a physical obstacle to travel between Europe...

Trade of China and India with Africa after the 2008

Trade of China and India with Africa after the 2008 Financial Crisis


The paper analyses the trade competition between China and India in Africa over the period from 2008 to 2017. After the 2008 financial crisis,...

Ottoman Cash Waqfs An Alternative Financial System

Ottoman Cash Waqfs: An Alternative Financial System

Early View

The institutions of “waqfs,” that is foundations, stand before us as an intermediate option between collectivist and individualistic societies....

Toward a Privileged Partnership The EU Turkey and the Upgrade

Toward a “Privileged Partnership”: The EU, Turkey and the Upgrade of the Customs Union


Over the past few years, Turkey’s EU membership prospects have further deteriorated amid intensive political crisis between Brussels and Ankara....

The Gulf Crisis The U S Factor

The Gulf Crisis: The U.S. Factor


The election of the U.S. President Donald Trump played a key role in reigniting the Gulf crisis. The blockading quartet (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain...

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