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The Lost Spring U S Policy in the Middle East

The Lost Spring: U.S. Policy in the Middle East and Catastrophes to Avoid

Book Reviews

The book under review is a work by American-Lebanese scholar Walid Phares, who specializes in Middle East politics. He has worked in different...

From Ballots to Bullets Arab Uprising and the Reoccurrence of

From Ballots to Bullets: Arab Uprising and the Reoccurrence of Authoritarian Politics

Review Article

Since the end of the Cold War, much of the turmoil in the Middle East has been caused by the religiopolitical identity of different countries of...

The Paradox of Inclusion Exclusion of Islamist Parties in Tunisia

The Paradox of Inclusion/Exclusion of Islamist Parties in Tunisia and Jordan after the Arab Uprisings: A Comparative Study

Early View

The public protests that engulfed most Arab regimes in 2011 have since opened a Pandora’s Box of democratization processes in the MENA region. One...

What Is the Sharia

What Is the Sharia?

Book Reviews

Relevant to contemporary times when Sharia, generally referred to as Islamic law, has been associated with numerous negative connotations –ranging...

Ibn Khaldun An Intellectual Biography

Ibn Khaldun: An Intellectual Biography

Book Reviews

The Muqaddima (Prolegomena) is the main work that made Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) eminent not only in historiography, civilization studies,...

Political Islam in Tunisia The History of Ennahda

Political Islam in Tunisia: The History of Ennahda

Book Reviews

The Middle East is a region of far-reaching importance due to past and current events in global politics. Of the many different dynamics and...

The Arab Uprisings in Egypt Jordan and Tunisia Social Political

The Arab Uprisings in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia: Social, Political and Economic Transformations

Book Reviews

One of the main debates that has surfaced in the post-Arab Uprisings era has centered on whether or not the demonstrations will lead to regime...

Bullets and Bulletins Media and Politics in the Wake of

Bullets and Bulletins: Media and Politics in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings

Book Reviews

Research on the role that the media has played in the Arab uprisings highlights the liberating potential of the media as a medium for...

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