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Islam in the Balkans Globalization Europeanization Localization

Islam in the Balkans: Globalization, Europeanization, Localization

Review Article

The study of European Islam is now experiencing an unprecedented revival. While most of its attention is dedicated to Islam as a minority in...

Toward a Privileged Partnership The EU Turkey and the Upgrade

Toward a “Privileged Partnership”: The EU, Turkey and the Upgrade of the Customs Union


Over the past few years, Turkey’s EU membership prospects have further deteriorated amid intensive political crisis between Brussels and Ankara....

Engineering a European Islam An Analysis of Attempts to Domesticate

Engineering a European Islam: An Analysis of Attempts to Domesticate European Muslims in Austria, France, and Germany


Today, a number of European states’ policies on religion aim at creating a nationalized Islam. In many Western European countries, the Ministries...

Germany and the European Union Post-Brexit Hegemon

Germany and the European Union: Post-Brexit Hegemon


In late-March 2019 the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union. Will Brexit lead to Germany becoming the EU’s hegemon? The...

Missile Defense in Europe Against Whom

Missile Defense in Europe: Against Whom?


ABSTRACT This article debates the evolution, main purpose and real target of the missile defense system of NATO, entitled the EPAA, focusing on...

The European Union Dilemma of the Kurds High Support for

The European Union Dilemma of the Kurds: High Support for Membership despite Lack of Sufficient Trust


How people in member and candidate states are oriented toward the European Union –meaning, how well they know and how they evaluate the EU– is...

Quo Vadis Turkey-GCC States Relations A Turkish Perspective

Quo Vadis Turkey-GCC States Relations? A Turkish Perspective


With the growing need for more cooperative relations in the face of Iran’s assertive foreign policy following Saddam’s fall, Turkey’s importance as...

It s a Family Affair Religion Geopolitics and the Rise

It’s a Family Affair: Religion, Geopolitics and the Rise of Mohammed bin Salman


Over the past year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has experienced a period of rapid transformation under the direction of a new Crown Prince,...

Turkey s Leadership in the Jerusalem Crisis

Turkey’s Leadership in the Jerusalem Crisis


This commentary analyzes the factors behind Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the embassy therein,...

Compatibility of “Islam” and “Europe”: Turkey’s EU Accession


Turkey’s membership in the European Union (EU) is contingent on economic, political, and cultural factors. Rather than a geographic area with a...

A New Agenda for the Kurdish Question


The Kurdish question in Turkey has a long history which was viewed within the framework of nation building, integration and underdevelopment until...

Turkey's Justice and Development Party through Arab Eyes


İn this article we seek to answer three interrelated questions: First, how do the Islamic, national and democratic forces perceive the justice and...

Obama's Foreign Policy: Opportunities and Challenges


Obama's election represents an important opportunity to put US-Turkish relations on a new, more cooperative footing. On many issues especially...

Negotiating Europe: EU-Turkey Relations from an Identity Perspective


This article analyzes the identity dimension of EU-Turkey relations from the constructivist perspective in international relations theory. It...

Revisiting the Self: Researching Minorities in Turkey


Minorities have always been the subject of academic, journalistic and popular research in Turkey. The general trend of most of these analyses to...

Culture of Co-existence in Islam: The Turkish Case


This article aims to show how exchanges.between religion and secularism, Islam and democracy and cross-cultural relations over many years have...

Secularism in Turkey: Myths and Realities


The Prosecutor of the High Court of Appeals opened a closure case against the ruling AK Party by presenting it as the center of anti-secular...

The Kurdish Issue: Can the AK Party Escape Securitization?


The Kurdish question has been a source of domestic conflict since the inception of the Turkish Republic. It has been one of the mostly securitized...

Turkey’s New Approaches toward the PKK, Iraqi Kurds and the Kurdish Question


In a sharp break from the past, Turkey’s AK Party government now openly accepts the existence of a domestic Kurdish problem, and views it moreover...

Turkish-Kurdish Relations: A Year of Significant Developments


This article examines the challenges of Kurdish nationalism within Turkey and of Kurdish nationalist movements emanating from Iraq during the...

Turkey's Northern Iraq Policy: Competing Perspectives


This article argues that Turkey's approach towards the Kurds of northern Iraq provides analysts with an opportunity to demonstrate that the...

Religion and Society: New Perspectives from Turkey

Book Reviews

The establishment of a modern Turkey based on Western political values was a watershed in Turkey's history.

Contentious Issues of Security and the Future of Turkey

Book Reviews

During the long years of the cold war, Turkey's foreign and security policies usually received little attention in the academic literature. Its...

Discussing Recent Literature on Turkish Politics: The Myth within the Myth


This paper challenges the view that the AKP is an "Islamist Party" and "hardly a democratic opening." It puts forward the argument that the AKP's...

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