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The Power of Law vs the Power of Arms The

The Power of Law vs. the Power of Arms: The Turkish Judiciary’s Test with the Coup


Thousands of judges and prosecutors in Turkey risked their lives to inquire into the activities of an armed group and defended the law against...

Identity Conflict and Politics in Turkey Iran and Pakistan

Identity, Conflict and Politics in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan

Book Reviews

This edited volume is a comprehensive text examining the relationship between identity politics and conflict management. The book works across...

Erdoğan s Personal Diplomacy and Turkish Foreign Policy

Erdoğan’s Personal Diplomacy and Turkish Foreign Policy


In recent years, one of the most popular concepts in Turkish foreign policy has been public diplomacy, which refers to government activities to...

Relations between Russia and Turkey Before During and After the

Relations between Russia and Turkey Before, During, and After the Failed Coup of 2016


Increasing cooperation between Russia and Turkey date back to the 1990s, and go beyond the preferences of a specific political party or leader. A...

The World Is Bigger than Five A Salutary Manifesto of

“The World Is Bigger than Five”: A Salutary Manifesto of Turkey’s New International Outlook


President Erdoğan has expressed his objection to the current structure of the UN with the motto “the world is bigger than five.” The international...

Turkey the U S Russia and the Syrian Civil War

Turkey, the U.S., Russia, and the Syrian Civil War


This commentary provides an analysis of the Turkey’s relations with the U.S. and Russia in the context of the Syrian civil war. Owing much to the...

A Three-level Analysis of Turkey s Crisis with the U

A Three-level Analysis of Turkey’s Crisis with the U.S.-led Order


Starting in 2013, Turkish-American relations have been undergoing one of the deepest and most alarming crises since the 1940s. Ankara, a NATO...

European Parliament Elections A New Political Environment in Europe and

European Parliament Elections: A New Political Environment in Europe and Turkey


Citizens of the European Union (EU) voted to elect 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from May 23-26, 2019, making this the second...

Persuading through Culture Values and Ideas The Case of Turkey

Persuading through Culture, Values, and Ideas: The Case of Turkey’s Cultural Diplomacy


Cultural diplomacy always links to and often overlaps with soft power and public diplomacy. Thus, the three notions have entered the lexicon of...

Turkey, the U.S. and Iraq

Book Reviews

Nobody has any doubts that today we are in one of the most critical moments of Turkish-U.S. relations. Nobody can deny the gravity of the situation...

Medieval Islamic Political Thought

Book Reviews

Medieval Islamic Political Thought examines political thought based on Islam within the indicated period, as well as the theoretical and practical...

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