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Guide to Authors


Currently, in its 20th volume, Insight Turkey covers a broad range of topics related to Turkish domestic and foreign policy as well as developments in Turkey’s adjacent regions such as the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans and Europe. Covered by major indexing and abstracting systems and databases Insight Turkey is a refereed academic journal with a policy-oriented perspective.


Insight Turkey publishes three categories of material. Articles are 5,000-6,000 words essays that present the findings of research or analysis on a relevant contemporary and historical problem or phenomenon. Comments run around 3,500-5,000 words and make a short, provocative argument on an actual topic of interest with policy relevance. Insight Turkey also publishes reviews of new books or reports; ‘book reviews’ of single works are usually around 700-1,500 words, and ‘review essays’ of a set of books and articles run around 2,000-3,000 words.


Insight Turkey invites both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts to generate articles, commentaries and book reviews. In either case, all submissions go through a rigorous review process through in-house assessment by the editorial staff and/or standard double-blind referee process. Submissions must be well written and concisely organized. Since the journal’s readership comprises specialists and non-specialists, authors should avoid jargon where possible and use a clear and straightforward language that is appealing to both groups.


We encourage potential contributors to submit unsolicited manuscripts and article proposals. All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract and brief bibliographical note of the author.


Submissions and any questions on editorial issues should be directed to the Editor at



Style and Format Guide


Authors are responsible for ensuring that their manuscripts conform to the Insight Turkey style. The Editors will not undertake retyping of manuscripts before publication. Authors whose first language is not English should have their article read and corrected by a competent English linguist. Particular attention is drawn to the following points:



American spelling should be used throughout. Numbers from one to ten should be spelled out, other numbers should be given as numerals. Dates should be in the form April 8, 1999; 1996-1999; the 1980s. Use percent rather than %.



Use original spelling in languages that use the Latin alphabet. For transliteration of all other languages (such as Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, etc.) into English, please seek advice from the Editors.



Notes should be numbered consecutively throughout the article, using a raised numeral in the text, to correspond to a list of notes placed at the end. In the list of notes, consistency is most important in references to books, articles and manuscript sources; note that initial capitals are used for all nouns and important adjectives in titles. Some examples are given below. All of the information shown must be included.



Terence Walker, The Book Title, (New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999), p. 100.

Terence Walker (ed.), The Book Title, (New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999), pp. 100-102.

Terence Walker and Deborah Jones, The Book Title, (New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999), p. 100.

Subsequent references should appear as: Walker, The Book Title, p. 100.


Articles in Journals

Terence Walker, “Article Title,” Journal Name, Vol. #, No. # (Month, Year), p. #.

Subsequent references should appear as: Walker, “Article Title,” p. #.


Chapters in Edited Books

Terence Walker, “Chapter Title,” in Mary Jones (ed.), The Book Title, (New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999), p. 100.


Articles in Edited Books

Terence Walker, “Article Title,” Mary Jones (ed.), in Book Title, (New York: New York Publishing Co., 1999), p. 100.

Name, “Article Title,” in Names (eds.), Book Title, (City: Publishing House, Year), p. #

(i.e. Harry Gould, “What is at Stake in the Agent-Structure Debate,” Vendulka Kubálková, Nicholas Onuf and Paul Kowert (eds.), International Relations in A Constructed World, (London: Routledge, 1998), p. 83.


Official Papers

Parliamentary Papers: Select Committee on Manufacturers, (Parl. Papers, 1833, VI), 0.456.



No italics (i.e. not underlined in typescript) for titles of unpublished theses:

Mary Thompson, “The Puritan Reformation of Manners, with Special Reference to the Counties of Lancashire and Essex 1640-1660,” unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Cambridge University, 1974, Ch. 2, p. 36.


Articles/Pages on Web Sites

Terence Walker, “Article Title,” e-Journal /e-newspaper /Web Site Name, Vol. #, No. #, (Month Day, Year), retrieved Month Day, Year, from

Note: URL should link directly to the article.


Articles in Newspapers, and Popular Magazines

Terence Walker, “Article Title,” Newspaper/ Magazine, Month Day, Year.

Subsequent references should appear as Walker, “Article Title.”


For Book Editions

 Author, Book Title, # Edition, (City: Publishing House, Year), p. #.

 (i.e. Nadav Safran, From War to War: The Arab-Israeli Confrontation, 1948-1967, 1st Edition, (New York: Western Publishing Company, 1969), pp. 92-98.


For Translated Books

Author, Title of Book, translated by name of translator, (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication), p. #.

Edward W. Said, Şarkiyatçılık: Batı’nın Şark Anlayışları, translated by Berna Ülner, (İstanbul: Metis Yayıcılık, 1995), pp. 11–12.


Conference Papers

Terence Walker, “Title of Paper,” Conference Name, Conference Location, Date, (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication), p. #.

*In endnotes ‘ibid.’ should not be used.



“Title of Report,” Publisher, (Month, Day, Year), p. #, retrieved from e-Journal /e-newspaper /Web Site. 

“European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2017,” EUROPOL, (2017), pp. 42-43, retrieved from


Images and figures

If figures or images are to be included, they should be at least 300 dpi (high-resolution) in order to be printed clearly in the journal. Please supply the data you used to generate any figures, preferably as Excel worksheets. Do not send whole data sets, only the information required to generate the figures.


Book Reviews

Reviews should be preceded by full publication information, in the following form:

Book Title (and translation if necessary) by First Name, Last Name, (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year), # of pages, price, ISBN. The reviewer’s name and affiliation should appear at the end.


Social Media

Author, Twitter, time (AM/PM), date retrieved from website name.

(i.e. Donald Trump, Twitter, 11.03 PM, (November 7, 2017) retrieved from,



“Title,” Youtube Channel, retrieved on Month Day, Year, from youtube link.

“Euronews Talks with Slavoj Žižek,” Euronews Youtube, retrieved on June 1, 2017, from




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